What's in YOUR Travel Bag?

What’s in YOUR Travel Bag?

What’s in YOUR Bag? Your best Travel Gear and Gadgets!

Share all your favorites in your travel bag and help others pack their dream bags with only the best of the best! What 3-5 things do you love having on the road with you (laptops, cameras, tablets, luggage, backpacks, phones, phone plans, that awesome water bottle that is also a foam roller, some piece of clothing that works 6 ways from Sunday….)? Pick your 3-5 best.

    Article Title

    Quick summary of your guest post "Weekend Trip to Southeast Asia," "Top Gear for Six Months Backpacking in Bali," "Road Warrior Gear and Gadgets"

    Your Top Gear and Gadgets

    • Choose at least 3 (can be as many as you want) of your favorite products
    • Be specific to your exact product using detailed names, model #s, etc. Link to the exact product somewhere online, preferably Amazon. Make it easy for someone to buy your recommendation.
    • Add your author info at the very end of your submission. Live links will be added when the post is live (I review and format each post)

    Enter Gear and Gadgets

    Upload Your Image

    • Option to include one .jpg image, named descriptively.
    • It may have your watermark on it.
    • Do NOT upload images with generic names such as "image-1" or "me-myself." (Name your images to coordinate with your post, such as "top-southeast-asia-gear.jpg."
    • Image maximum upload size is 200 Kb and max width is 1024px. Please use picmonkey.com to format or size your image.

    • 1) I have read and followed ALL the submission guidelines listed

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