Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera Review

If you want to document your next vacation on camera but don’t trust the camera of your smartphone to adequately capture the colorful sights of your destination, you may want to consider a digital camera from a reputable manufacturer and we recommend the compact Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 from Sony. Ideal for the the amateur to moderate photographer, the Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera includes Optical Zoom, full HD video recording in 1080/60p, Long Battery Life, Sweep Panorama mode, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Lightweight design and multiple color options. Despite Sony being one of the most popular brands among amateurs and professionals alike, the Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 is a hobbyist camera and you should not purchase it expecting studio-quality shots. That being said, if you are shopping for a straightforward point-and-shoot camera which will take clear vacation snaps with little effort on your part, the Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 should suit all your photo needs.

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Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera Review
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Features for Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera

So why do holidaymakers who own perfectly good smartphones make the decision to drop a couple of hundred dollars, sometimes even more, on a digital camera? There are a number of answers, but one of the most commonly cited is the fact smartphone cameras rarely have the versatility necessary to capture a truly unique shot.

A smartphone is just fine for taking selfies by the pool, but it can’t be trusted to return a comprehensive photograph of the green fields of Ireland or the golden sands of Saudi Arabia. As a purpose-built camera, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 can do just that and more and boasts a variety of features which you won’t find on any smartphone, regardless of how long you wait in line for it.

Optical Zoom

Most, if not all, smartphone cameras fall down when it comes to zooming in on the target of a picture. This is because smartphones are generally only capable of a digital zoom, which means the lens does not physically alter to provide a clearer view when zoomed in.

Most quality digital cameras, however, utilize a true zoom lens to get an optical zoom as opposed to a digital one, which makes for greater enhancement and, ultimately, a clearer shot. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 is no different. This camera promises users a 10x optical zoom and a 20x clear image zoom, guaranteeing no detail goes unnoticed.

Video Recording

If you have avoided purchasing a digital camera in the past because you didn’t want to sacrifice the video recording capabilities of your smartphone, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 may just be the product to convert you to the world of digital cameras.

This camera boasts full HD video recording in 1080/60p, so you can always rely on it to capture the antics of your friends whether they’re playing volleyball beneath the blazing sun or dancing in the dim lighting of a nightclub.

Long Battery Life

Despite its many features, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 is primarily intended for casual travelers and, as a result, is very much a budget camera. A lot of budget digital cameras achieve their low price by cutting corners and compromising in certain areas, battery life being one of them.

Many inexpensive digital cameras are only good for a few dozen pictures on a full charge, which means they are suitable for days spent lounging by the pool but really can’t be relied upon for a day of sightseeing. With the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220, however, battery life is unlikely to ever be an issue. On a single charge, this camera will capture an average of 210 images, making it the ideal digital camera for the active tourist.

Sweep Panorama

There are certain parts of the world which are just so remarkable and they can’t be summed up in a single photograph. Take Times Square, for example. As anybody who has ever visited the mecca of shopping and tourism will tell you, a traditional picture simply cannot convey its electric energy. That’s why Sony equipped its Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 with a Sweep Panorama mode capable of capturing a full 360 degrees in just one picture.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ten years ago, transferring your holiday snaps from your digital camera to your computer was a tedious affair and seemed like an impossible task if you weren’t good with the technology of the day. Thankfully, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 features Wi-Fi connectivity and can be easily connected to your smartphone or computer for wireless content transport.

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Pros Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera

  • Quality audio capture
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in multiple colors

Cons Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera

  • Intrusive flash
  • Unclear instruction manual
  • Difficult to grip

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There was a time when packing for vacation meant filling your suitcase with a bulky plastic camera and several dozen rolls of film, leaving you with little room for your clothes and other holiday essentials. While lugging a film camera and its various accessories around all vacation was a pain in the neck, our parents and our grandparents dutifully did it so they could document our vacations.

These days, however, film cameras are seen as relics of a bygone era and are rarely used by casual travelers. Most modern holidaymakers instead rely on smartphone cameras, which certainly have their pros, but also come with their fair share of cons. While smartphone cameras are undoubtedly convenient, they generally aren’t of a very high quality and make it difficult to get crystal-clear shots, particularly if you want to print them out.

As well as virtually guaranteeing better quality photographs than any smartphone camera you put it up against, this digital camera will allow you to play around with a variety of special effects so you can add your own unique touch to every picture you take.

Meanwhile, its ability to record full HD video places it head and shoulders above most other digital cameras in its price range. This coupled with its capacity to capture crystal-clear audio makes it a great choice for aspiring vloggers who don’t have the budget for a more professional model.

The Cyber-shot range has long been the ace up Sony’s sleeve and the DSC-WX220 is a testament to the brand’s ability to constantly innovate and change with the times to bring in new customers and keep experienced traveling photographers smiling.

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Sony DSC-WX220 Compact Camera Overview

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Sony DSCWX220 B 18.2 MP Digital Camera Review

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