GoPro HERO6 Review

When the GoPro HERO6 Black was first introduced, action photography enthusiasts were quick to point out the many similarities between the camera and its predecessor, the GoPro HERO5 Black. As they quickly learned, however, the similarities between the two cameras are almost entirely visual as the newer model boasts superior image stabilization, more vivid colors, included waterproof casing and improved controls. Thanks to the HERO6’s fast internal processor, it is able to offer a higher frame rate which enables you to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second. There’s little not to love about the GoPro HERO6.

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GoPro HERO6 Review
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Pros GoPro HERO6 Review

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple accessories available
  • Improved low-light performance

Cons GoPro HERO6 Review

  • Expensive
  • Voice controls are inconsistent
  • Short battery life

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Features for GoPro HERO6 Review

Superior Image Stabilization

One of the major differences between the GoPro HERO6 Black and the GoPro HERO5 Black comes in the quality of the image stabilization between the two cameras. Now, the GoPro HERO5 Black was no slouch, but we don’t think even its staunchest defenders could deny its image stabilization was somewhat lacking.

In many ways, this was to be expected as the HERO5 Black was the first GoPro in the HERO series to feature image stabilization and so had some clear issues which needed to be worked out.

With the HERO6 Black, it seems like GoPro worked out those issues and then some. This camera boasts what the manufacturer has described as their “most advanced video stabilization yet” and will return clear images at a variety of speeds and in a variety of lighting conditions, even being effective at 120fps in 1080p.


While image stabilization is something GoPro is still experimenting with, the brand is very much at home when it comes to the waterproofing of its devices and, because waterproofing is never more important than in action cameras, GoPro made sure to exercise its expertise in the manufacturing of its HERO6 Black.

The GoPro HERO6 Black boasts effective waterproofing up to 10 meters, which equates to 33 feet. If you are a diver and would like to take the HERO6 Black to greater depths, GoPro offers a number of underwater housing accessories which will allow you to do so. Of course, this means you will have to increase your budget, which the camera itself may have already pushed to its limits.

High Frame Rates

One of the major differences between the GoPro HERO6 Black and the GoPro HERO5 Black comes in the form of frame rates. Because the HERO6 Black features a faster internal processor, it offers a greater selection of frame rates than its predecessor and can shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second. This latest addition to the HERO series is also capable of shooting in full HD at 1080p, which we touched on a little farther back.

These superior frame rates make the HERO6 Black the perfect action camera for those who take part in sports such as snowboarding and skiing, where reaching extreme speeds is often the name of the game.

Improved Controls

We mentioned a little earlier the GoPro HERO5 Black was the first GoPro in the HERO series to feature image stabilization, but image stabilization was not the only reason the HERO5 Black was described as being ambitious (perhaps even ambitious to a fault).

As well as some new technological additions, GoPro turned to some of its favorite tried and tested features, including both touch and voice controls, in an attempt to turn its HERO5 Black into the single most convenient action camera on the market.

Unfortunately, many critics claimed the touchscreen was ineffective and often failed to register certain movements, while the voice control largely struggled to comprehend words that weren’t pronounced with the elocution of a character from My Fair Lady. Thankfully, GoPro recognized its shortcomings and righted them with the HERO6 Black.

This camera features the brand’s most sensitive and responsive touchscreen to date, while its improved voice control almost entirely eliminates the need for hands-on operation.

It should be pointed out, of course, some action camera enthusiasts have reported the voice control feature still not being quite as easy to navigate as most would like it to be, but it is nevertheless an undoubtable improvement upon its predecessor.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

The ability to connect to Wi-Fi has long been one of the major selling points of GoPro cameras, one with which many competing manufacturers can’t contend, but the brand’s HERO6 Black goes above and beyond when it comes to Wi-Fi capabilities.

When paired with GoPro’s innovative smartphone app, the HERO6 Black can transport footage from itself to its companion devices almost three times faster than most other cameras in the HERO series, which means you can get your content edited and uploaded in a fraction of the time you and your viewers have grown used to.

Unfortunately, the HERO6 Black is similar to its predecessors where its battery drains rapidly during the transferring and uploading of footage, so you might want to make sure you have a power source nearby before attempting to make use of its Wi-Fi feature.

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If you are a casual action photographer and don’t get the chance to go out and document your adventures more than once or twice a month, it’s difficult to think of any other reason beyond pure desire for you to purchase the GoPro HERO6 Black.

For hobbyists, the camera’s predecessor will prove just as useful and can be purchased for significantly less. That being said, if you are a frequent or professional action photographer and have $400 or $500 to spend on equipment, we recommend going with the HERO6 Black over any of the other models in GoPro’s HERO range.

We say this because none of the camera’s predecessors have proven capable of matching it when it comes to image stabilization, frame rates, and low-light performance, among other things.

These are areas with which amateurs generally have no reason to concern themselves, but they can be the difference between a good professional adventure sports photographer and a truly great one.

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GoPro HERO6 Camera Review

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