Acer Aspire 15 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop

While Acer has seen more than its fair share of flops, the Acer Aspire R15 has done wonders for its reputation and has established it as one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of 2-in-1 laptops. Placing this 2-in-1 laptop above much of the competition – at least in the eyes of a number of tech enthusiasts – are its 360º convert hinge, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics, and embedded fingerprint reader. It also boats an HD webcam for clear video conferencing and is gaming compatible too.

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Acer Aspire 15 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop
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Pros Acer Aspire 15 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop

  • ExoAmp antenna
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight design

Cons Acer Aspire 15 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop

  • Bloatware
  • Short battery life
  • Sluggish hard drive

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Convert Hinge

Despite boasting many of the features of an average tablet, a 2-in-1 laptop also comes fitted with the best features of the traditional laptop, one of the most notable of which being a keyboard. A quality 2-in-1 laptop will feature a keyboard which can be moved and manipulated in a number of different directions, but few models feature a keyboard as versatile as the Acer Aspire R15.

The keyboard of the Aspire R15 is connected to the main body of the device via a 360º convert hinge, which allows it to be folded into a number of positions, each one ideal for its own unique set of situations. Acer lists tent mode, notebook mode, and display mode as just some of the modes which can be achieved through the positioning of its keyboard.

HD Webcam

These days, the majority of laptops come with an integrated webcam, but laptop cameras often fail to match the performance of their tablet alternatives. What about the quality of the Acer Aspire R15 webcam? Is it closer to a laptop or a tablet? According to Acer, it is very much the latter.

The manufacturer claims to have fitted the Aspire R15 with a full HD webcam which is capable of documenting every aspect of every subject at which it is pointed.

Some webcam obsessives have, however, voiced their skepticism of this. While the camera with which the Aspire R15 comes equipped certainly provides clear images, it often fails to detect smaller details, which would call Acer’s claims of webcam superiority into question.

That being said, it remains more than suited to the needs of the average webcam user and is perfect for making Skype calls and taking selfies.

Gamer Compatible

If you’re a gamer, you’re likely already painfully aware of how difficult it can be to find a laptop on which you can both complete your work or college assignments, and enjoy your games to the fullest. You should give careful consideration to the Acer Aspire R15.

Not only does this 2-in-1 laptop promise everything you might need to complete an essay or spreadsheet, but it also boasts NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics. GeForce 940MX promises faster and more vivid graphics than the average gamer is used to and increases battery life for longer sessions of uninterrupted gaming.

While we understand certain gamers prefer a more complete setup with a specialist gaming keyboard and a larger than average monitor, the Acer Aspire R15, with its GeForce 940MX graphics, makes it possible to experience each game as it was intended to be experienced whether you’re at home or on the road.

Superior Audio

The Acer Aspire R15 boasts crystal clear audio which, in a way, ties in with it being the perfect 2-in-1 laptop for gaming. However, this superior sound quality also lends itself to making and taking Skype calls, listening to music, and watching the latest releases on Netflix.

Acer achieved the quality of sound for which this 2-in-1 laptop is often praised by equipping it with a high-performance sound system consisting of two built-in stereo speakers, a subwoofer, and integrated dual microphones.

The individual aspects of the Aspire R15’s audio can be altered to match your preferences through its Dolby Audio sound adjustment feature, although most who own this 2-in-1 laptop prefer to leave the audio levels in their default mode to avoiding peaking and distortion.

Versatile Controls

Generally speaking, a 2-in-1 laptop is a whole lot more versatile than its more traditional counterparts when it comes to its controls, because it can be operated as both a tablet and a laptop. However, some would argue the Acer Aspire R15 is in a class of its own when it comes to flexibility.

Its sensitive backlit keyboard is perfect for working on essays and other assignments and will allow you to tackle several thousand words in a day without causing discomfort in your fingers, arms, or wrists.

Its touchscreen, meanwhile, is as responsive as a single-purpose tablet and is suitable for browsing the internet, composing short emails, and even drawing on MS Paint and other apps geared towards the artistically-inclined.

What’s really cool about the Acer Aspire R15 is its embedded fingerprint reader, which can recognize the touch of the laptop’s primary user, allowing you to access your account in a matter of seconds.

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Selling for around $700, the Acer Aspire R15 is pretty affordable for a 2-in-1 laptop, particularly when you look at its many features. Generally speaking, a 2-in-1 laptop that boasts, among other things, a 360º convert hinge, superior audio quality for gaming and viewing, and an integrated fingerprint reader is going to set you back north of $1,000.

With the Aspire R15, Acer combines all of those features and more with a low price tag, making it arguably the perfect 2-in-1 laptop for those who are preparing for college or are searching for a secondary computer they can take on the road with them.

Of course, to get a quality 2-in-1 laptop for under $1,000 you will have to make a couple of sacrifices. For example, the Aspire R15 comes loaded with bloatware and its battery rarely lasts for the nine hours Acer claims it will, but these are minor issues and are a small price to pay for such an affordable product.

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Acer Aspire 15 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop

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Acer Aspire R15 - Best for Gamers

Acer Aspire R15 - Gamers tend to look down on tablets and 2-in-1 laptops as they believe such devices lack the speed and clarity necessary for them to fully experience their games. While it is true the majority of 2-in-1 laptops are not cut out for use by dedicated gamers, there are a number of models which were designed with gamers in mind, one of the most popular being the Aspire R15 from Acer.

The Acer Aspire R15 boasts NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics for an immersive gaming experience no matter where you are. It also promises superior audio quality, which is made possible by its dual built-in speakers and internal subwoofer.

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