For those of us who travel, and can’t live without this item, choosing the most powerful travel hair dryer is a must. When it comes to packing for a trip, there are several things you may consider bringing, and of course, items you will leave at home. If a hair dryer is non-negotiable on your travels, then consider this your guide to choosing the best travel hair dryer.

Sure, there are hotel hair dryers, but we all know that these are pretty much useless, and if you try to use one, it will probably take two to three times as long to dry your hair as it normally would, because these hair dryers have no power. Worse, they tend to eat your hair from the back suction parts. On the other hand, you don’t want to pack a big, heavy, bulky hair dryer in your suitcase.

What you need is a travel hair dryer. Unfortunately, not all travel hair dryers are worth the money, because they either have no power or do not support dual voltage. You at least want something that is going to be 1,000 watts (preferably higher), so you can get your hair dry in a few minutes and get out there to enjoy your vacation, stay-cation, work-cation or whatever form of travel on which you embark. Today we are going to take a look at the most important features to look for in a travel hair dryer, including power.

Travel Hair Dryers - Amazon Best Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle; Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer
1,787 Reviews
Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle; Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer
  • The Conair 1600 Watt Folding Handle Hair Dryer folds right into your busy lifestyle
  • Lightweight travel blow dryer with folding handle for compact storage; only weights 1pounds
  • Dual Voltage great for travel
  • 2 heats and speeds customer settings for all hair types
  • 5 foot power cord
SaleBestseller No. 2
Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer
1,325 Reviews
Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer
  • Compact Design with Folding Handle Great for Travel or Your Gym Bag
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY and 3X Ceramic Coating to reduce frizz and damage
  • 2 Heat/2 Speed Settings and Cool Shot Button for maximum styling control
  • Smoothing Concentrator Attachment included
  • Worldwide Dual Voltage
SaleBestseller No. 3
Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer, Travel Hair Dryer
1,281 Reviews
Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer, Travel Hair Dryer
  • The Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Handle Dryer has a full 1875 watts of drying power
  • Folding handle for compact storage and travel
  • 2 heat/speed settings for styling versatility
  • Cool shot button locks in style.
  • Dual Voltage for worldwide use.

Top Picks for Most Powerful Travel Hair Dryer

Hair Blow Dryer - tip: always start it on low in a new country until you understand how the electricity works in that country. Use the plug ends to move the voltage - dial is a bit hard to turn. Don't let the size fool you - this little baby fits in the palm of your hand, but it's as close to a full size blow dryer as you're going to get. So far, it has worked great in Asia, Europe and South America! How does it compare to my $150 T3 Travel Dryer? Couldn't tell you because two different times the T3 broke into parts in my suitcase before I ever got to try it. Meanwhile, this baby has been to 4 continents and dozens of countries with me.

Jinri 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer Review

JINRI 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer - The Jinri 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer is a well designed, foldable dryer with several coveted travel dryer features, like foldability, cool shot button, extra long cord and multiple color options.

Travel Smart by Conair 1200-Watt Folding Travel Hair Dryer - The Conair Travel Smart 1200-Watt Folding Hair Dryer offers a lot of features in an affordable and lightweight package. With 1200 Watts, multiple strength settings, an extra long power cord, dual voltage, this Conair Travel Dryer is a great choice.

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Travel Hair Dryer Features

In addition to how powerful it is, another important feature to look for in a travel hair dryer is the voltage. Make sure any travel hair dryer you choose has dual voltage, so you can use it in any other country to which you travel.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a new hair dryer that you won’t even be able to use on your vacation. Other features to look for in the most powerful travel hair dryer include:

  • Wattage – Look for a travel hair dryer that has at least 1,000 watts of power. Anything less is going to leave you standing there seemingly forever while waiting for your hair to dry. The higher the wattage, the more power it will have, and the less time you are going to have to spend drying your hair. Do keep in mind that in many cases, the more power a hair dryer has, the larger and heavier it is. You don’t really need anything more than 1,500 watts.
  • Size – You need to make sure that the hair dryer is small and lightweight. Unfortunately, when you want a smaller size, you often have to sacrifice on power. Or, do you? One model that we love that is super-small and has plenty of power is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer. It has 1,000 watts of power, and is dual voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • Weight – Another thing to consider is the weight of your travel hair dryer, for two reasons. First of all, you don’t want it to be so heavy that it makes your luggage overweight. You also need a hair dryer that is going to be easy to hold onto, so it needs to be relatively lightweight. Look for a hair dryer that weighs less than one pound, and you can easily carry around in your suitcase or carry-on bag.
  • Ionic Technology – Many hair dryers just dry out your hair and cause damage. A unit that has ionic technology can diffuse the negative ions that cause the frizzies by helping to keep the natural moisture locked inside the hair. Hair dryers made from metal or plastic diffuse positive ions instead, which is going to cause the cuticles to get dull, and then the hair will end up becoming frizzy. Ionic technology also helps to keep your hair from getting too much static electricity.
  • Tourmaline Infusion – Learn the difference between hair dryers that are coated with tourmaline, and hair dryers that are infused with tourmaline. What you want is one that is infused, meaning that the tourmaline (a gemstone) is built right into the hair dryer, and not just used in the coating. The BaByliss PRO is tourmaline infused, which means that in addition to having plenty of power, it is going to dry your hair up to 70 percent faster than other hair dryers, with a gentle heat.
  • Multiple Settings – It is nice to have multiple settings on a hair dryer. For instance, if your hair is only damp, you don’t need as high of a temperature to dry it as you would if it was soaking wet. Sometimes, you just want to do a quick style, so you may just want to use the cool setting. At the very least, your travel hair dryer should have “warm” and “hot” settings so you don’t have to always use a blast of hot air.
  • Diffusion – If you have naturally curly hair, you don’t want the mess of tangles that you will get from blow drying your hair. That is why you need a hair dryer that has a filter cover or diffuser. It is going to allow the warm air to dry your hair, but it won’t be blowing it all around. You can get hair dryers that have a diffuser built right in, or a better option is to get one that has a removable diffuser.
  • Cost – Obviously, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a travel hair dryer. Some can cost up to $150, but you don’t really need to spend this much to get a quality hair dryer. On the other hand, some can cost as little as $20. But, remember, you do get what you pay for. A decent travel hair dryer shouldn’t cost more than $40 to $50 at the most. If you want something that you can also use at home, and you plan to use it a lot, you may want to invest in a more expensive model.

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Unless you are the type to always let your hair dry naturally, you are going to need a powerful travel hair dryer while you are on vacation. It is never a good idea to rely on hotels for their hair dryers. They don’t always work well, and in some cases, they aren’t even available. Look for a quality travel hair dryer that meets all of the above criteria to make sure you have the most powerful travel dryer while you are away.

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