You will need the best camera for travel blogging if you are a travel blogger or aspire to be one. A proper camera will ensure you never miss the best shots while you are traveling. There are all kinds of different types of cameras you can get, but not all are going to be best for getting those candid shots on the go. With this in mind, we are going to talk about three of the best cameras for travel blogging so you never miss a shot again.

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1. Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera

Key Features of the Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera include: 24.3-megapixel APS-C image sensor, full HD video recording, Clear Image Zoom feature and an extensive bundle package.


The Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera features a 24.3-megapixel APS-C image sensor which allows you to create amazing images that will go well beyond your highest expectations. This is the same size image sensor you will find in most DSLR cameras, and you can get great images in all lighting situations, even in low light. There is very little noise to worry about, and the image quality and color is as lifelike as you can possibly get without it being the real thing.


You can record full HD movies with this camera, and it is easy to do. Simply press the movie button to start recording, and then press stop when you are finished. You can shoot in 60p, 60i, or 24p, and you will be really impressed with the super-fast and accurate autofocusing and tracking while you are using the movie mode. The P/A/S/M modes let you have total control over the image and how it looks, and you can zoom with great clarity thanks to the Clear Image Zoom feature.

Bundle Package

This camera comes in a bundle package which includes everything you need to start shooting great photos for your travel blog. The bundle package has the Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera, a 16-50 mm lens, a Sony E 55-210 mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS E-Mount lens, a SanDisk Ultra 128GB SD card, a Wasabi power battery two-pack with dual charger, a Focus DSLR accessory kit with a micro HDMI cable, Digital Treasures Creative & Office Software Suite for PC, a 12-inch Spider tripod, and a three-piece lens filter kit.

Pros Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera

  • Same image sensor as DSLR cameras
  • Amazing image quality
  • Record full HD videos

Cons Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera

  • Camera doesn’t always recognize lenses
  • Items missing from some bundles
  • Bundle items of inferior quality

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2. Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit

The Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit offers a large, APS-C sized 16M X-Trans CMOS II sensor, remote control and bundle package, but no video capabilities.


The Fujifilm X-T10 has a large, APS-C sized 16M X-Trans CMOS II sensor and features an original array of color filters that have a highly random pattern which helps to lessen moire and color aberrations. This lets you get away with not needing an optical low-pass filter, and you end up with an image quality which is just as good as what you would get from a camera with a full-frame sensor.


This camera does not have video capability so you will only be able to have still photos for your video blog. But, it isn’t always necessary to have videos on your blog, and if you really want them, there are plenty of cheaper video cameras you can get, including inexpensive GoPro models, that will give you the video capability you need.

Bundle Package

This is not a full bundle package, but there is one important accessory included, the remote control. If you want to do timed photography, you are going to need this. With other cameras, you would have to spend an additional $50 or more to get the remote, but it is included with your purchase. You can also use other X-mount lenses, which are readily available from most camera suppliers. It also comes with a battery and charger, so you don’t have to purchase these separately.

Pros Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit

  • Has the appearance of an older model camera
  • Compact body is made from durable magnesium
  • World’s shortest display lag time

Cons Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit

  • Battery holder is plastic and breaks easily
  • Auto focus is quite slow
  • Button layout can be confusing

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3. Panasonic Lumix FZ80

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 boasts an 18.1MP sensor, 4K video capture and a bundle package option.


The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 has an 18.1MP sensor, so you are going to get crisp, clear images every time. Even if you are shooting in low light situations, you can always be sure you are going to see clear images. There is also an optically stabilized 20-1,200 mm (60X) LUMIX DC VARIO lens with a wide focus range of 11.81 inches.


This camera offers 4K technology with 4K video capture. When shooting in video mode, you can capture as much as four times the resolution of standard Full HD, so you get amazing video quality, even if you are shooting fast-paced action. Also, the 4K technology lets you lock the best moments when you are shooting photos in 4K PHOTO mode, at up to 30 frames per second.

Bundle Package

You can get this camera in both bundled and non-bundled packages. You may pay a bit more for a bundle package, but when you consider all of the extras you will get, it’s worth it. Bundles can include lens-cleaning items, a microphone, a lens hood, SD cards, an external flash, extra batteries and a battery charger, and more.

Pros Panasonic Lumix FZ80

  • Optically stabilized 20-1,200 mm lens with wide focus range
  • LUMIX DVD focusing system for fast and accurate focusing
  • In-camera battery charging

Cons Panasonic Lumix FZ80

  • Problems with error messages while zooming
  • Battery loses charge too quickly and it doesn’t come with an external charger
  • Some complaints of product being previously owned and refurbished

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Conclusion Best Camera for Travel Blogging

No matter which of these cameras you choose for your travel blog, you can be sure you are going to be getting the best possible images, every single time. While the Fuji model may not have video capability, but it is still a great camera to take with you on the go, and it creates outstanding photos. All of these cameras are in an affordable price range, and come with accessories that make travel blogging easy.

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