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Welcome to Tech4Trek, the website dedicated to all your travel needs, whether you are off for a weekend jaunt or a full time nomad warrior! We look forward to helping you with all your travel needs for gear, gadgets and services, like chargers, adaptors, laptops, cameras, converters, cell phones and plans, sim cards, luggage, packing gear, blow dryers, health insurance and so much more.

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I recently became "homeless," put all my stuff in storage and am traveling the world. As a super-organized Type A packer, I prepared like crazy for this trip, researching every last detail for how to live on the road and decided to turn all my hard-earned experience into a website. I travel with other nomads, am involved with dozens of road warrior type social groups and am constantly taking feedback from everyone on the ‘best of the best’ travel gear.

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The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Want to see my top list of what I did before my Remote Year Trip? What worked and what has already broken? From health insurance to power adaptors to travel chargers…here’s what’s in my bag:

Best International Calling Plans for Cell Phones

Google Fi – hands down, the best cell phone plan for travelling the world. Google Fi, which works easily in 170+ countries, puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and three 4G LTE networks. No sim cards, no data overage, it just works and you can keep your cell phone number. You pay just $20 per month for unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, Wi-Fi tethering and hotspot and then $10/GB for data – with a data cap (you don’t pay after the first $60) and unused data rolls over. So for a maximum of $80 you can easily use your phone globally, right when you land, without having to "top off" any data or deal with SIM cards. The catch? Google Fi only works with certain phones. If you join through this link: Google Fi, we each receive $20 Fi credit if you join Google Fi.

Portable Power Bank – This is the most common portable power bank amongst my friends and it’s amazing – lightweight and small, can fast charge a phone, lasts a long time and basically does all a portable charger should do. This model intelligently identifies connected devices and can charge the iPhone 6s up to seven times, the Galaxy S6 up to five times, or the iPad mini 4 twice. I learned my lesson the hard way about choosing the wrong power bank – don’t make my mistakes!

Portable Travel Extension Cord – this is a MUST HAVE for any traveler. I’m constantly shocked at how poorly the outlets are placed in hotels and apartments around the world. Are you supposed to sit on the floor behind a piece of furniture to work on your laptop? Create your room any way you want with a long extension cord (at least 5 feet) with multiple outlets and dedicate one of your converters to it, saving you buying lots of converters since you’ll have multiple outlets from your home country. Another option for travel extension cord (black). Bonus points for USB charging ports, although you’ll most likely just plug in a USB charger you have from home.

Power Adaptors Converters – Do you need an adaptor, converter or both? An adaptor changes the shape of the prongs on your plug so they fit the plug in your destination. A converter actually changes the voltage and current to match the local electricity type. There are plenty of each type of available as well as combinations. I recommend taking options on the road since there are often outlets too small or placed oddly and won’t fit a converter to fit so you’ll only be able to use an adaptor.

Travel Space Saver Bags – I love these things! They easily compress my clothing to give me almost twice as much room in my luggage, and then I use them as shelf/drawer lines in my room. Just roll up your clothes (no vaccuum or anything), compress the air out and pack. Keeps me organized, my clothes come out fairly wrinkle free and I can pack more. Watch out for your luggage weight, though, just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s free.

Hair Blow Dryer – tip: always start it on low in a new country until you understand how the electricity works in that country. Use the plug ends to move the voltage – dial is a bit hard to turn. Don’t let the size fool you – this little baby fits in the palm of your hand, but it’s as close to a full size blow dryer as you’re going to get. So far, it has worked great in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America!

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance – US based health insurance that works in almost every country except the US. I’ve already been reimbursed easily and quickly for two claims I had in Thailand. I have the Seven Corners Liaison Majestic.

Charles Schwab Free Checking Account

Best Checking Account – Charles Schwab. You pay NO fees for ATM withdrawals and they reimburse you at the end of the month for any incurred at cash machines. I received over $130 back one month from all my withdrawals in Buenos Aires (a very cash heavy – we don’t take credit cards – city). Works great online, no atm fees anywhere, includes a new brokerage account and as my personal referral, you may get $100 when you become a Schwab client (** I don’t know exactly how it works, but I get nothing for the referral, it’s a potential bonus for you).

Best Travel Credit Card No Foreign Fees

Credit Card – Chase Sapphire. No foreign transaction fees, lots of bonus points and miles. Visa accepted far more than American Express abroad. I got the Preferred Card to start with, but wish I had gotten the Reserve. The Reserve card, which has a larger annual fee, offers most of the fee back in travel credits, along with access to thousands of worldwide airport lounges. If you start with the Preferred card, like I did, you have to wait a year before you eligible to upgrade to the Reserve card, so my advice is to go straight to the Chase Reserve Card.

More Ultimate Packing List

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